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THE TRADE PATH ("master route")

How 2 Get From Zero to Hero in 10 easy stages :)

WARNING!!!! The Early Stages Can be Very Dangerous!!! U Have been warned :)

Stage 1) Don't spend starting 2k, keep it. in steed take easy 2k mission. Complete it & return to Manhattan. Now u have 4k u can fill Starflier with Lux goods

Stage 2) Destination - Hokkaido - Sector 6C - Ainu Depot - Sell, Buy Cardamine (And Don't get scanned )

Stage 3) Return 2 Manhattan & sell, Buy Rhino + Lux Goods

Stage 4) Back 2 Ainu Depot,sell, Now u have well over 100k :) now buy H-fuel

Stage 5) Sell H-fuel on New tokyo and Buy Drone + Lux goods

Stage 6) Return 2 Ainu and sell, Buy full Caradmine + Class 6 Shield

Stage 7) Planet New Berlin is next stop. sell, and buy Humpback + Diamonds

Stage 8) Planet New Tokyo for next sale :) Buy full lux goods

Stage 9) Again we find ourselfs @ Ainu Depot (& not the last:) sell, Buy Cardamine + Class 7 Shield

Stage 10) Return 2 Manhattan, sell goods & now u have the tools and the means with which to build a vast Empire :)

Stage 6a) - Tatical Sub Mission - Proceed to Sector's 4C & 5C in Sigma 13 system. you will find a number of Old Navy Fighter wrecks left over from 80 year war with GMG. These ships contain Class 10's Weapons and must be retreived @ any cost. You have your orders Gentlemen, Good luck & God Speed.
(if weapons r not there then someone beat u 2 it, bad luck. but when server resets they shall return, u may get lucky:)

Remember, til Stage 6, your ship is still very weak so watch yourself's boyz :) & the odd girl???? (not likely) :(

the one like the WarBirD has spoken.....................


This route takes aprox 2 hours, and will get you to level 31 (1:43:20 is my record)

Other routes c/o Bozonik

if you have more routes, and would like a link to your web site, mail me details at the usual place