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Jan news

The Freelancer server is dead. looking at getting something going again soon but skint at the moment and for a bit, It will be back as soon as I am able

August news

Website going through some changes. stats not currently updating.

The freelancer game server remains unaffected and is good to go


The global servers gone, but don't worry, you can still connect using the following instructions here Connection details

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You may not use ANY Mod's,

Cheats or Trainers of any kind on this server.

offensive player names will be auto banned

Do not use any offensive language OR be abusive towards other players.

NO PVP IN NEW YORK, (apart from those with a bounty on there head, see bounty hunting)

You have been warned. Failure to meet any of these rules will result in a kick and/or a ban from the server.

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Moderators clan <THUNDERBIRD> (Impersonating admin is a ban able offence)

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Contact us via the email addresses below about Bounty Hunting, Questions, anything. INCLUDE your player name/ names!

To contact Admin

freelancer host, and reporting of cheats - mail here

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